American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI), Housed at USC CRCC

Grant Amount: $50,000

Grant Focus: Building Capacity

EHF Grant Support: Supporting AMCLI Regional Program; Supporting "Designing Your Strategy for Social Impact" strategy session; Developing staffing assessment and plan for 2021

Grant funds will support: at least one AMCLI’s four-day Regional Fellowship, which serves approximately 25 participants each; the  Designing Your Strategy for Social Impact strategy session; and developing a staffing assessment and plan for 2021.  EHF funds will enable AMCLI to build upon its track record of success, sustain staffing support, and expand AMCLI’s reach to support hundreds of civic leaders across the country. Through its four-day regional training programs, AMCLI empowers a rising generation of Muslim civic leaders with practical tools around leadership, community organizing, conflict resolution, storytelling, and more. The program helps leaders increase their impact, while building a peer-based network of support.

AMCLI is a program of the University of Southern California (USC) Center for Religion and Civic Culture (CRCC).

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