Islamic Relief USA (Donor-Advised Fund)

Winterization Project for Syria

This donor-advised grant provides support for Islamic Relief USA’s Winterization Project for Syria, which provides blankets, mattresses, and other supplies to displaced Syrian families to help protect them against the brutal cold. For five years, millions of Syrians have lived with the fear of violence on a daily basis. Entire towns and neighborhoods are isolated, and many people cannot leave their homes. The most basic necessities are scarce, including food, water, medical care, and electricity. 

Islamic Relief USA has helped more than 9 million Syrians, inside Syria as well as in neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey and throughout Europe. Islamic Relief USA’s 2014-2015 Winterization Project for Syria helped over 27,000 individuals in 64 camps for people internally displaced inside Syria to survive the winter weather. Among the supplies distributed were 3,050 blankets, 3,300 mattresses, and 2,920 plastic sheets. 

The new Winterization Project began in October 2015 and aims to distribute 286 tents, 5,400 new mattresses, 10,400 plastic sheets, and 18,599 blankets. As of December 2016, the project helped 53,640 people, and the El-Hibri Foundation’s support seeks to expand these efforts even further.

The El-Hibri Foundation is not currently accepting solicitations for international humanitarian assistance.  

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