How to Apply

The 2015 LOI application cycle is now closed.

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Application Process for Grant Seekers

As an independent, non-partisan, non-religious organization rooted in Muslim values of peace and respect for diversity, the Foundation supports impartial, fair-minded efforts to build a better world.  We do not provide grants to influence legislation or elections or that promote voter registration, political candidates, political campaigns or organizations engaged in political activities.  All of our grants are given in accordance with U.S. federal laws.

Our application process consists of two steps: First, submission of a letter of intent (LOI) by eligible organizations  and second, at the Foundation’s request, submission of a full grant proposal.   Applicants are given an opportunity to submit an LOI online during May-June of a given calendar year for consideration of grant awards for the following calendar year.  We will not consider applications submitted by regular mail or outside of the deadline dates for the yearly LOI process.

Step One:

Please carefully review the three strategic focus areas for 2016 fundingThe Foundation will not review proposals that do not directly address any of these priority focus areas.

The following information will be requested in the online LOI application form:

  • An abstract summarizing the nature or project for which funding is being sought; 
  • A description of the problem or opportunity the activities will address, and an outline of the objectives and anticipated outcomes and benchmarks for success;
  • A brief description of how the proposed program fits within the Foundation’s strategic objectives;
  • An outline of the timeframe for the proposed activities (i.e., the date established or starting date and the anticipated duration);
  • Financial information, including the amount requested from the Foundation and the total amount of funding needed for the activities; 
  • Information about other sources of support, both assured and requested;
  • A budget for the project for which funding is requested; and
  • A copy of the applicant organization’s IRS determination letter.   

Applicants may submit LOIs from May 1 through June 25 of the year preceding the grant’s proposed start date.  All LOIs must be submitted electronically by completing the online form here

Foundation staff review LOIs first to determine if the request for funding addresses the Foundation’s objectives and mission.  Those that do not will be declined.  Staff then review LOIs to determine: (i) the priority of the proposed activity in light of the Foundation’s goals; (ii) the likely impact or potential results of the activities for which funding is sought; and (iii) the availability of Foundation funds.    

Step Two:

When a LOI is closely aligned with the Foundation’s initiatives, priorities and goals, we may request a full proposal or additional information.  Full proposals or additional information should be submitted only upon request.  A request for a proposal should not be interpreted as a guarantee of the awarding of a grant, or as an assurance of support. 


What is the Foundation looking for in a LOI?

The proposed activities described in the LOI should directly address the Foundation’s stated strategic focus areas, with consideration to the Foundation’s mission and values. A strong LOI will be concise, clear and achievable with regard to objectives and outcomes, with the potential to demonstrate substantial impact. The LOI should contain a narrative, budget and IRS determination letter.   

If I have further questions about submitting an LOI, whom do I contact?

Please submit questions to or call +1-202-387-9500.

What is the timeframe for the grant-making cycle?

The Foundation’s grant process operates on a calendar year starting January 1st and ending December 31st.  Typically, our funding does not exceed a one-year term and is distributed early each calendar year.  

How and when can I submit an LOI?

All LOIs must be submitted electronically by using an online form that is available between May 1 - June 25, 2015.  Applications submitted by mail will not be considered.  Organizations submitting an LOI can register online and, if needed, will have the capacity to save drafts and edits online before submitting a final version for consideration by the Foundation. Proposals submitted after midnight, June 25, 2015 will not be considered.  

What percentage of LOIs received by the Foundation advance to step two and receive an invitation to submit a full grant proposal?

Due to the number of requests that we receive and the limited funds we allocate each year, fewer than 20 percent of the LOIs move on to step two, and not all of the proposals that we receive as part of step two can be approved.

May an organization submit more than one LOI in any given year?

No. Applicants may submit more than one proposals only under exceptional circumstances (for example, from different departments at a university). 

May individuals apply for grant funding?

No. We review LOI applications submitted only by registered non-profit 501 (c)(3) organizations.

Do funded activities need to take place in the United States?

Yes. The El-Hibri Foundation continues to support charitable work in Lebanon, but does not accept unsolicited proposals on this topic. 

Does the Foundation provide funding for seed projects or capital projects (such as endowments or to construct or renovate buildings or physical infrastructure?

No, the Foundation’s grants are limited to project support, organizational operating costs and capacity building.

When is the decision made by the Foundation to award a grant?

Applicants who are invited to submit a full proposal will be notified by September, 2015. Successful applicants will be notified of grant support by early December, 2015. Grant awards will be given in early January, 2016.

How much funding is available through a grant?

First time grantees with the El-Hibri Foundation generally receive grants in the range of $5,000 - $25,000.  Organizations may apply for larger grants, but should be mindful that most El-Hibri Foundation grants are modest in size and are subject to available funding.  Applicants are encouraged to visit the Foundation’s grant database to review previous projects and grant amounts.

When are grant funds made available?

The Foundation’s grant process operates on a calendar year starting January 1st and ending December 31st.   Typically, our funding does not exceed a one-year term and is distributed early each calendar year.  For the convenience of organizations that wish to request funding, we have implemented a two-step application process.