Betty Reardon

Dr. Betty A. Reardon has made significant and lifelong contributions to peace education in the United States and abroad. The global peace education movement has been profoundly influenced in substance and methodology by her influential publications, her ability to create and sustain successful institutions and networks, and her personal leadership.

The founder of the Peace Education Center at Columbia University, Dr. Reardon has influenced thousands of teachers and students in the methods of and approaches to peace education.  She has taught at universities around the world, and has broad experience both in formal school settings and in non-formal community-based education programs.  During her long career, Dr. Reardon has advanced peace and global citizenship education through an integrated focus on human security, sustainable development, human rights, ecology and gender.

Her most significant professional achievement—establishing the International Institute on Peace Education— received special honorary mention from the UNESCO Peace Education Prize.  Dr. Reardon is the winner of the 2010 Sena McBride Peace Prized awarded by the International Peace Bureau in Geneva, among other accolades.  Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Reardon is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in peace education theory and pedagogy.