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EHF 2017 Grants Cycle Now Open!

We are delighted to inform you that the 2017 El-Hibri Foundation (EHF) Grants Cycle is now open! After completing 15 years in grantmaking, we felt it was time to conduct a rigorous assessment of our philanthropic impact. We are grateful to our many friends and partners for the generous feedback we have received throughout this past year. It has led us to a more grantee-centric approach in our grantmaking and in our leadership and inclusion programs.

We believe that if nonprofit organizations have the capacity, resources, and collaborative relationships necessary for community building, they can become more effective in advancing inclusion in America.

Our funding areas for 2017 include:

  • Advancing Inclusion:

Implementing initiatives and programs to advance inclusion of American Muslim communities and promote inclusive societal norms

  • Building Capacity:

Equipping leaders and organizations with the training, skills, and approaches needed to maximize their organizational impact and reach high performance

  • Organizing Communities:

Catalyzing collaboration and collective action, and building coalitions and inclusive partnerships that strengthen civil society.


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