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Advancing Inclusion

EHF advances inclusion of and within American Muslim communities by investing financial, physical and relational resources in leaders and organizations who share our vision of a world in which all individuals, regardless of race, religion, or gender, have an opportunity to thrive. 

Pluralism and Interfaith Engagement

As a community-rooted philanthropy, working together with partner philanthropies, we focus on supporting multi-faith and ally networks that build collaborative relationships and promote pluralism in American communities. 

Annual Interfaith Lecture & Iftar

Each year during Ramadan, the Foundation hosts an Interfaith Lecture and Iftar to honor the memory of the late Ibrahim El-Hibri, a man whose philanthropy, life, and values inspired EHF. We gather leaders from nonprofits, government, business, education, and religious communities, to share a meal and

connect with one another during this holy month in the

Islamic tradition.

Ally Partnerships

EHF intentionally engages both private and public

sector organizations in order to build collaborative

relationships that advance justice and inclusion.

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