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Organizing Communities

EHF organizes communities by convening people of diverse backgrounds to cultivate new relationships and by investing in individuals and organizations that believe stronger communities are built with mutual trust and collaboration.

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Our Approach

EHF has a long-standing track record of investment in intersectional movements that advance inclusion of and within American Muslim communities. Our landscape analysis of 365 Muslim and ally organizations in the sector revealed the collective power in the community to create positive change if organizations work together. Through our Organizing Communities portfolio, EHF convenes, coordinates and facilitates work among American Muslim Community and ally organizations to increase collaboration and build the community power that is necessary to advance inclusion in America.

Working Groups

EHF convenes issue-specific working groups to help coordinate

work and deepen conversations on issues facing the community

at large. By convening different groups working on issue areas,

EHF is able to build relationships between groups and individuals

in the sector.

Strategy Retreats

EHF works with organizations and partners to design and carry out

strategy retreats on pressing issues facing the communities in which

the Foundation works. EHF provides strategic

and operational support to these convenings, fostering

well-designed retreats to address challenges and opportunities with the American Muslim and ally space. 

American Muslim Community Leadership Table 

EHF has launched an American Muslim Community (AMC) Leadership Table to strengthen the structured decision-making capability for leaders and organizations within this space; to create a safe, private forum for discussions and disagreements while fostering respect among individuals and groups; and to advance collaboration and collective action around areas of mutual interest. 

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