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Interfaith Engagement

Religious Pluralism

Religious Freedom


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To update and disseminate the Inclusive America Project’s “Principled Pluralism” report, a 2013 product of a distinguished panel co-chaired by Madeleine Albright and David Gergen. The 2013 report presented proven strategies for managing America’s religious diversity in a way that promotes informed respect and social cohesion. The updated report aims to build bridges between individuals and organizations focused on youth development and interfaith efforts; highlight and promote best practice models that can be utilized by community groups and local branches of national organizations; and promote collaboration between organizations focused on religious pluralism and those focused on religious freedom who share a mission to protect core American values.
This project is the fourth of a series by The Inclusive America Project, an initiative of the Aspen Institute’s Justice and Society Program. For four decades, the Justice and Society Program has convened individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss the meaning of justice and how a just society ought to balance fundamental rights with the exigencies of public policy. The Inclusive America Project was launched in 2011 as a response to rising Islamophobia, and as an effort to examine best practice models for multifaith engagement around the common good.

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