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Unity Productions Foundation

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Arts, Culture and Media

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Religious Pluralism

Interfaith Engagement

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To support the pre-production for a documentary film, entitled The Sultan and the Saint: A Peacemaking Encounter, which tells the story of the historic encounter in Egypt between Saint Francis of Assisi and Sultan Al-Kamil. This film describes an encounter during the Fifth Crusade, an event that has captivated the curiosity of artists, peacemakers and the general public for centuries. The film will seek to increase understanding of the rich tradition of Muslim and Christian peacemaking from the middle ages to the present.
UPF is a nonprofit foundation which counters bigotry and creates peace through the media. UPF films tell compelling stories about Muslims for television, online viewing, and theatrical release. These films are part of long-term campaigns aimed at increasing understanding among people of different faiths and cultures. UPF films have been viewed by an estimated 150 million people worldwide and have won dozens of national and international awards. UPF has partnered with prominent Jewish, Muslim, Christian and interfaith groups to run dialogues nationwide - with more than 80,000 participants in classrooms, community centers, living rooms, government offices, and religious congregations.

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