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El-Hibri Foundation Mourns the Passing of Board Member Professor Abdul Aziz Said

With great sadness, the El-Hibri Foundation mourns the passing of our longtime friend and Trustee, Professor Abdul Aziz Said. We celebrate the life of a leader who dedicated decades to education, philanthropy, peace building, and inclusion. Professor Said’s wisdom and generous spirit profoundly impacted a wide array of people and important causes around the world. With nearly six decades as an icon and founding faculty member at American University’s School of International Service, author of over 25 books, and recipient of the 2007 El-Hibri Peace Education Prize, Professor Said was greatly respected and admired for changing the landscape of international relations with his pioneering emphasis on peace studies.

Since joining our board in 2008, Professor Said inspired us to look through a lens of empathy and compassion. For fellow Trustees, Fuad and Nancy El-Hibri, “He was an angel on earth with only the best intentions and interests at heart for everyone who was lucky enough to have met Aziz. He has contributed to world peace, to greater tolerance and a world that is becoming more inclusive.”

Whether with old friends or new acquaintances, recent arrivals or seasoned veterans of the El-Hibri Foundation, Professor Said had the magical quality to connect with anyone and impart upon them wisdom and encouragement. El-Hibri Foundation’s President Farhan Latif describes Professor Said as, “a true philanthropist in the most literal sense, as he embodied love for humanity. Professor Said was so generous with his time and his insights about the world which contributed to our hope for a brighter future. He was a steadfast ally that helped advance our work and served as a constant moral conscience.”

At the El-Hibri Foundation, Professor Said was more than just a board member; he served as a mentor. As Karim El-Hibri recalls, “Professor Said was a spiritual giant and an academic institution in his own right. He touched the lives of countless students and activists around the world teaching them the strength and beauty of peace and conflict resolution. In my personal life he helped me overcome my internal struggles by providing a gentle hand, a present mind, and a warm heart. I will forever hold him in my heart, dear friend and mentor.”

We here at the El-Hibri Foundation are humbled and honored to have such an inspiring leader help propel our mission and change the world for the better. We will miss you dearly, Professor Said.

Please consider supporting the Abdul Aziz Said Scholarship at American University as a continuation of his legacy (IPCR MA program)

The Abdul Aziz Said Scholarship was created in honor of Professor Said's 50 years of teaching in the School of International Service, which included 11 years of service as the Founding Director of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) program.

To learn more about Prof. Said’s extraordinary life, please visit:


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