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Public Narrative

Each year, EHF partners with Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz and his coaching team to bring Public Narrative training to leaders within the Muslim and ally space. 


Public Narrative is the art of translating values into action. It is a discursive process through which individuals, communities, and nations learn to make choices, construct identity, and inspire action.


Through the use of Public Narrative, leaders learn how to articulate and leverage their experiences to mobilize others to action and achieve positive social change. In addition to being an effective communication strategy, Public Narrative builds intersectional solidarity the leads to results. 


The Public Narrative training brings together incredibly talented and diverse cohorts of leaders in the sector. We have discovered that beyond the tangible, skill-building outcomes, an intangible benefit arises from creating a learning environment where leaders are forced to peel back their masks and get to the core motivations and values that inform their work. By exposing these cohorts of leaders to an immersive experience with their peers, who are working at the intersection of racial, ethnic, immigrant, gender, and religious communities, suspicion and distrust are replaced by empathy and mutual understanding. The Public Narrative training provides a pathway forward to genuine relationship building, leading to collaboration, collective action, and stronger, more inclusive communities. 


"Leadership is accepting responsibility to create conditions that enable others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty."

                                                     -Dr. Marshall Ganz

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