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Virtual Leadership Series

Leadership on the Line

Our Leadership on the Line series features leaders for "off the record" conversations about their own experiences in leadership and lessons they have learned along the way. American Muslim nonprofit sector leadership are often working in fast paced, reactionary environments, constantly fire fighting and dealing with the new crisis of the day. This does not allow them the luxury and opportunity to at times pause, reflect and create long range plans, or to complete a campaign, celebrate and analyze successes and areas of improvement. We at EHF believe in build our communities' leadership capacity, helping connect movements and campaigns, and creating safe spaces for dialogue, reflection and celebration.

Case Studies in Faith-Inspired Leadership

Leaders face numerous critical decision points in their lives and work. Our Case Studies in Faith-Inspired Leadership series offers the opportunity to explore and excavate lessons, models and paradigms that come from the foundational text, stories and histories that define communities of faith, to see what they can teach us about leadership in our own time. 

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