The Foundation is an American 501(c)(3) charitable foundation organized in the District of Columbia to advance peace and respect for diversity through grants, programs and other activities.

The activities of the Foundation, including its grants, are almost entirely supported by earnings from the Foundation’s investment portfolio, which was established by contributions from the El-Hibri family.

The El-Hibri family established the Foundation in 2001 as a tribute to Mr. Ibrahim Yahia El-Hibri (1936-2007) and to carry on his deep commitment to philanthropy.  He was a successful entrepreneur first in the telecommunications industry and later in biotechnology, where he helped develop life-saving vaccines.  Trained as an electrical engineer, he assisted the Saudi Arabian government in building its first nationwide telecommunications network (the world’s largest telecommunications contract at the time).  He also helped construct the longest microwave link to connect Sudan and Saudi Arabia (a deed commemorated by an Italian postage stamp), and assisted in building the first Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMC) network in Russia, now with over 92 million subscribers. 

A man of the world, Ibrahim El-Hibri spoke seven languages fluently.  With a passionate determination to help society at every level, he put his Muslim faith into action by supporting numerous philanthropic endeavors.  He was especially committed to helping children less fortunate in life, and financed the construction of a modern care center in Beirut that houses, feeds and educates hundreds of orphans.  Ibrahim El-Hibri was decorated for extraordinary service by the governments of Germany, Lebanon and Venezuela.

The Foundation is an independent, non-partisan philanthropy.  It is not a religious or political organization.

For information about the Foundation’s grants and how to apply, please visit our Apply for Grants page.

Yes. The El-Hibri Foundation opens its doors to grantees to utilize for meetings and events on weekdays. For more information, please contact info@elhibrifoundation.org.

Please send an email to info@elhibrifoundation.org or call +1-202-387-9500.