Masjid Muhammad

Grant Amount: $25,000

Grant Focus: Legacy

EHF Grant Support: Support Kibar, SHARE, and Feed the Homeless DC programs

Grant funds were used to support three community feeding programs: Kibar, a SENIOR Nutrition Program that provides daily Halal meals to Washington, DC’s senior population, SHARE, which provides food and essential personal items monthly for the underserved and vulnerable individuals within the DMV area, and Feed the Homeless DC, which prepares food bimonthly and “takes it to the streets” of DC for the homeless population.

Dating back to the mid 1930s, Masjid Muhammad is representative of the oldest established Muslim community in the Nation's capital and America. This community established the first Mosque to be built from the ground up in DC by its citizens, and the first in America by descendants of enslaved African American and African Muslims.

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