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The El-Hibri Foundation envisions a society where everyone can achieve the American Dream in a diverse and inclusive world. We believe that thriving communities form the basis of an inclusive society.

Our grantmaking supports this vision by investing in nonprofit organizations from diverse sectors that advance the inclusion of American Muslim communities. Efforts to support these communities are currently under-resourced and now face increasing challenges.

We believe that if these nonprofit organizations have the capacity, resources, and collaborative relationships necessary for community building, they can become more effective in advancing inclusion in America.

We support building a more inclusive America by investing in nonprofit organizations that are:

  • Advancing Inclusion: Implementing initiatives and programs to advance inclusion of American Muslim communities and promote inclusive societal norms.

  • Building Capacity: Equipping leaders and organizations with the training, skills, and approaches needed to maximize their organizational impact and reach high performance.

  • Organizing Communities: Catalyzing collaboration and collective action, and building coalitions and inclusive partnerships that strengthen civil society.


If your organization works in one or more of these categories, you may be eligible to receive grant funding. Click here to view our eligibility criteria.

For Grant Seekers

The Foundation provides grants to publicly funded, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations based in the US, focused on advancing inclusion, building capacity, and organizing communities.

Click here for more information or visit the following pages for more information:

Funding Priorities

Guidelines & Eligibility

Grantee Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a Pitch

Proposal Checklist

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