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(for Grants to United States Organizations)

Grant Proposal

___ 1. Organizational Background Information:

  • Contact information for organization (address, website, official name and phone).

  • Mission, purpose, and history of the organization, including key accomplishments.

  • Contact information for executive director, board chair, and project lead(s).

  • Organization’ s EIN.

___ 2. Description of Proposed Activities:​

  • Project title, geographic focus, topical focus, and target audience.

  • Abstract summarizing specific activities for which funding is being sought.

  • Timeline of proposed activities.

  • Assessment of needs that will be addressed by the proposed activity.

  • Assessment of related work being done by other organizations in the field.


___ 3. Financial Information:​

  • Total amount being requested from the El-Hibri Foundation.

  • Total amount needed for the project/program as a whole.

  • Start and end dates of requested grant support.

  • Budget narrative describing in detail the use of requested funds.

All Other Supporting Documents

___ 4. IRS Confirmation Letter (using EHF template).

___ 5. Audited Financials for the last three fiscal years.

___ 6. Organization Budget for current fiscal year.

___ 7. Project Budget (using EHF template).

___ 8. Organization Financial Statement for current fiscal year.

___ 9. Tax Returns for the last three fiscal years.

___ 10. Activity Summary Matrix (using EHF template).

___ 11. Names and Demographic Breakdown of Governing Board Members.

___ 12. Names and Demographic Breakdown of Staff.

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