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Organizational Requirements

  • Applicants must be publicly funded, 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations registered in the United States.

  • EHF supports activities that have national impact; exceptions are made for activities that have high potential to scale up.

  • Funding is limited to activities undertaken primarily in the United States. 


Eligibility Criteria 

  • EHF grants may support:

    • Organizational capacity building, training, and leadership development in order to build high-performing nonprofit organizations; and

    • Programs and projects seeking to effectively advance inclusion, build sector capacity, or organize communities.

  • EHF does not support:

    • Capital expenditures (building and maintenance repair);

    • Political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts; or

    • The re-granting of funds to another organization.


Other Requirements

  • EHF encourages applicants to submit proposals for activities that will be completed within a 12-month period.

  • An organization may submit only one application per EHF grant cycle.

    • Exceptions are made for very large organizations, such as universities, which may submit one application per department or program.

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