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To support you in securing funds for your work, we’ve curated these tools and resources to assist you in developing and managing your El-Hibri Foundation grant.



Before You Seek a Grant - The Foundation Center: This free webinar helps grant seekers assess whether they are ready to apply for grant funding. It lists the groundwork that must be done before approaching foundations, the steps to obtaining nonprofit status, and the characteristics of successful nonprofits. 

Key Nonprofit Terms and Definitions - El-Hibri Foundation: This worksheet provides grant seekers with definitions of a few key terms that nonprofit leaders should get to know as they prepare to fill out their grant application.



When the EHF grant cycle opens, select organizations are invited to submit LOIs online for consideration. EHF will not consider unsolicited applications, applications submitted by regular mail, or applications submitted outside of the listed grant cycle dates. The Foundation encourages all potential applicants to please review what we support for funding prior to submitting.

What to Include in Your LOI - The Foundation Center: This free online resource helps grant seekers gain familiarity with standard LOI formats, the purpose of the LOI, and sample LOIs that received grant funding. 



When LOIs are closely aligned with the Foundation’s initiatives, priorities, and goals, EHF may ask these organizations to submit full grant proposals. Full proposals should be submitted only upon request. A request for a proposal should not be interpreted as a guarantee of a grant award, or as an assurance of support. 

Introduction to Proposal Writing - The Foundation Center: This free webinar provides grant seekers with an overview of how to write a standard project proposal to a foundation. It includes the basic elements of a proposal and the “do’s” and “don’t”s of writing and submitting proposals. This brief recording captures the key concepts covered in The Foundation Center’s free online course, Introduction to Proposal Writing.


Using Evaluation Frameworks to Communicate with Funders - The Foundation Center: This webinar provides an overview of the most effective tools for evaluation and ongoing learning that organizations can use to measure the impact of their work. Participants in this online session will receive tools and frameworks that can be used to initiate internal evaluation efforts. 

Logic Model Development Guide - W.K. Kellogg Foundation: A logic model is a picture of how your organization does its work - the theory and assumptions underlying your program. Logic models link outcomes with program activities and the assumptions of the program. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide provides an orientation to the underlying principles and vocabulary of the logic model so that it can be used effectively in program planning, implementation, and dissemination of results.


EHF has developed a few templates to assist you in completing your grant application. The EHF grant templates are available for download and use via the links below.

Grant Proposal Checklist - El-Hibri Foundation: This checklist provides grant seekers with an overview of what to expect from an EHF grant application. It lists the information, documentation, and templates required for all applicants. The 2016 EHF Grant Proposal Checklist can be viewed here.

Confirmation of IRS Letter - El-Hibri Foundation: EHF requires all applicants to confirm that their organization has received a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service stating that they qualify as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Service Code and that their status has not changed since the original ruling. The EHF template for this confirmation letter can be downloaded here.

Project Budget Template - El-Hibri Foundation: The project budget outlines the total cost of the project or program, the amount committed from other sources to cover those costs, and the amount requested from EHF. This project budget template can be downloaded here

Activity “Summary Matrix” Template - El-Hibri Foundation: The summary matrix provides details about the activities for which grant funding is being sought. By completing the activity summary matrix, grant seekers provide EHF with information about the purpose of the activities, the beneficiaries, the intended impact, and how success will be measured. This 2016 summary matrix template can be downloaded here

Interim Report Template - El-Hibri Foundation: Mid-way through the grant period, grantees submit an interim report that includes a short narrative describing the status of the Funded Activity, a description of any changes that have occurred since the start of the Grant Agreement, and an updated summary matrix and expenditure report. The 2016 EHF interim report template can be downloaded here.

Final Report Template - El-Hibri Foundation: After the grant period ends, grantees have 60 days to submit a final report to EHF that includes a short narrative describing the successes and setbacks related to the Funded Activity, a description of how impact was measured, and an updated summary matrix and expenditure report. The 2016 EHF final report template can be downloaded here.

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