Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC), housed at Allied Media Projects

Grant Amount: $10,000

Grant Focus: Building Capacity

EHF Space Grant Support: Hosted board retreat

EHF Grant Support: Supporting SoCal Muslim Anti-Racism Training (SMART) Conference; Supporting creation of anti-racism policies and procedures manual; Developing staffing assessment and plan for 2021

Grant funds will provide support to the SoCal Muslim Anti-Racism Training (SMART) Conference, as well as support the development of a staffing assessment and plan.
MuslimARC is an organization dedicated to fostering a deep appreciation of diversity and exchange of meaningful dialogue in Muslim communities. As the only organization of its kind, MuslimARC develops resources and trainings, builds multi-ethnic and intra and interfaith coalitions, and amplifies grassroots efforts that advance racial justice. Since its founding in 2014, MuslimARC has already reached nearly 10,000 people on the ground through trainings and seminars, successfully led 10 crowdfunding campaigns for grassroots causes, and amassed nearly 25,000 online followers as part of the MuslimARC network.

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