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Halal Metropolis (University of Michigan)

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Arts, Culture, and Media

Religious Pluralism

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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About This Grant

EHF Grant Support: Support for Project Manager position

Grant funds will support staffing the project manager position for the Halal Metropolis, a series of exhibitions that explores the facts, fictions and the imaginaries of the Muslim populations in Detroit and South-east Michigan as viewed through historical and archival research, documentation of current conditions, and explorations of future desires. The Halal Metropolis alludes to the established and growing Muslim population in Detroit and its metro area, one of the largest and most diverse Muslim populations in the U.S., whose visibility is both pronounced and extremely present in the city, yet whose narrative seems unusually silent in the larger Detroit story. The exhibition moves beyond wanting to simply illustrate or document the current state of this Halal Metropolis into exploring the congruent and contradicting ideas, aesthetics and cultures working to make the halal metropolis both a real and imaginary entity.

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