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10 Things You Must Know About...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 1, 2015 Contact: Rev. Bud Heckman, +1-202-387-9500 Director of Outreach, El-Hibri Foundation

"Top 10 Things You Must Know About...": A World Interfaith Harmony Week Series

Washington, DC - During the month of February, the El-Hibri Foundation (EHF) is releasing a series of short educational videos inspired by World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW). The videos are viewable here.

In 2014, EHF and Religions for Peace USA (RFPUSA) co-sponsored a “Best of Interfaith Webinar Series” for WIHW, featuring leading experts in the field. A short summary video of the highlights from that series is available here and the whole series is viewable here (rows 3 to 5).

Based on feedback from the thousands of viewers to that series, in 2015 EHF and RFPUSA are making a series of short educational videos featuring leading experts on their top 10 learnings in their key area of work. They are dense, to-the-point learning opportunities for those interested in advancing interreligious cooperation.

“10 Things You Must Know About…”

1) “10 Things You Must Know About Engaging with the Religious ‘Other’

Presenter: Paul Chaffee, Publisher and Editor, The Interfaith Observer

2) “10 Things You Must Know About Addressing Religious Bigotry and Discrimination

Presenter: Dalia Mogahed, Director of Research, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

3) "10 Things You Must Know About Advancing the Role of Women in Religion"

Presenter: Susan Hayward, Interim Director Religion and Peacebuilding Center, United States Institute of Peace

4) “10 Things You Must Know About Championing Racial Justice

Presenter: Eric Ward, Program Officer, The Ford Foundation

5) “10 Things You Must Know About Overcoming Differences

Presenter: Shamil Idriss, President, Search for Common Ground

6) “10 Things You Must Know About Running a Local Interfaith Organization

Presenter: Sam Muyskens, formerly Executive Director of Inter-Faith Ministries of Wichita

7) “10 Things You Must Know About Addressing Religiously-Motivated Global Conflict

Presenter: William F. Vendley, Secretary General, Religions for Peace

8) “10 Things You Must Know About Connecting Development and Religion

Presenter: Katherine Marshall, Senior Fellow, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, and Executive Director, World Faiths Development Dialogue

9) “10 Things You Must Know About Understanding Religious Views From Surveys

Presenter: Robert P. Jones, CEO, Public Religion Research Institute

10) “10 Things You Must Know About Handling Faith Differences Within Your Family

Presenter: Susan Katz Miller, Author, Being Both

11) “10 Things You Must Know About Transforming Conflict in Ethnically and Religiously Diverse Communities

Presenter: Najeeba Syeed Miller, Assistant Professor of Interreligious Education, Claremont School of Theology

Videos will be released throughout the month of February.

As a lead in to the series, Katherine Marshall of the World Faiths Development Dialogue and the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, interviewed EHF's Director of Outreach and the Mosaic Initiative, Bud Heckman, about the how he got into interfaith work, where interreligious cooperation is going, and what World Interfaith Harmony Week means to the uninitiated. The interview is accessible here.

About the El-Hibri Foundation

Founded by an American Muslim family, the El-Hibri Foundation supports peace education and interreligious cooperation through grants for promising groups, awards that recognize leadership and programs that promote learning and bridge-building. The El-Hibri Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation based in Washington, D.C.


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