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Congratulations to the 2016 El-Hibri Scholarship Winners

The El-Hibri Foundation is pleased to award scholarships to three exemplary students significantly focused on advancing American Muslim inclusion! Congratulations to:

  • Mohamed Abdelghany, a junior at Rutgers University studying Nonprofit and Public Administration – Mohamed is planning to pursue a career in public service and hopes to offer programs and services that better connect the Muslim community to the public sector.

  • Arif Khalil, a senior at New York University studying Actuarial Sciences – Arif hopes to take what he has learned through his on-campus activism back to his home community and launch interfaith efforts between local mosques and other faith institutions.

  • Seher Siddiqee, a graduate student at Hartford Seminary studying Islamic Chaplaincy – Seher plans to become a chaplain and work to create an atmosphere of understanding, inclusion, and acceptance for all students to better understand their own faiths and build bridges with others.


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