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One World Youth Project Receives Multi-Year Anchor Grant


May 29, 2014

Contact: Rev. Bud Heckman, +1-202-387-9500

Director of Outreach, El-Hibri Foundation

One World Youth Project

Will Receive Multi-Year Anchor Grant

Washington, D.C. – The El-Hibri Foundation is pleased to announce its intention to strengthen its commitment to peace education by awarding a multi-year anchor grant for its own program, the One World Youth Project (OWYP), to grow as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The grant is expected to begin in January, 2015.

The El-Hibri Foundation is an American 501(c)(3) charitable foundation based in Washington, D.C. to advance peace and respect for diversity through grants, programs and other activities. One World Youth Project partners with universities to establish a service-learning program on their campuses and trains their students to facilitate a global competence curriculum in local middle school classrooms. Guided by their university student mentors, the middle school students explore this year-long curriculum in active partnership with another OWYP classroom abroad.

In late 2012, OWYP was fashioned as a program within the Foundation’s peace education program portfolio. Beginning this summer, the Foundation will help OWYP stand as an independent nonprofit, allowing it to attract more diverse support for its mission in order to scale up its operations. The package of anchor support will include both in-kind assistance and capacity building financial support for up to three years.

El-Hibri Foundation President Dr. Judy Barsalou says, “We believe that OWYP will be positioned for stronger partnerships and will reach more students around the world if we develop a grantor-grantee relationship.” This decision also enables the Foundation to balance more evenly its internally managed programs and grant funding offered to non-profit organizations.

More information about the El-Hibri Foundation and One World Youth Project can be found online at and at


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