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    The Washington Post Cites Neuroscience and Peacebuilding Conference hosted at the El-Hibri Foundation

    "How Neuroscience is Offering Hope for a More Peaceful World" by Michelle Boorstein highlights "Neuroscience and Peacebuilding," a conference hosted by Beyond Conflict, Alliance for Peacebuilding, and EHF in January. See https://s3.amazonaws.com/ehf-public/ehf-documents/Neuroscience+Conference+Summary for the event's summary report.

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    10 Things You Must Know About...

    EHF and RFPUSA cooperated on a 2015 World Interfaith Harmony Week Series of short videos about interfaith relations. 11 leading experts shared 10 key things they have learned about their work. It's like a free interfaith educational conference in a neat digital package. Got a second? Take it for a spin...

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    A Conversation with Barna Group and Pew Research

    EHF hosted a joint meeting of Religion Communicators Council and Religion Newswriters Association on December 11th. Guests from Barna Group and Pew Research Center talked with Michelle Boorstein. The discussion is viewable here: www.elhibrifoundation.org/live.

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    El-Hibri Foundation = Safe Home for Dialogue

    Dozens of mission-aligned organizations use El-Hibri Foundation's centrally-located DC building as an inviting place for dialogue and meetings. It's part of our mission, beyond grants and programs. (Pictured left) The DC Interfaith Network for Young Professionals meets in our Grand Parlor to collaborate and plan.

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    Video of 2014 El-Hibri Peace Education Laureate Pietro Ameglio

    Pietro Ameglio (3rd from left) is honored for his courageous and relentless dedication to the spirit and principles of nonviolence, non-militarism and social justice and for his empowerment of countless victims and survivors of violence. He is joined by graduate scholarship winners, his sojourner Carlos Moreno Zamora (whose son was lost to violence in Mexico) and Elisabeth, Fuad and Nancy El-Hibri.

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    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and a famous Mexican Poet Make Tributes to EHF Peace Education Laureate Pietro Ameglio

    Both the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Adolfo Perez Esquival and a famed Mexican poet and activist Javier Sicilia offer generous tributes to the El-Hibri Foundation and Pietro Ameglio, the 2014 El-Hibri Peace Education Laureate.

Peace Education Program

The Peace Education Program offers and annual Peace Education Prize and graduate Peace Education Scholarships, operates the One World Youth Project, and organizes meetings, webinars and other activities.

El-Hibri Foundation Grants

As an independent, non-partisan organization without religious bias, the Foundation offers grants to non-profit organizations focused on promoting peace and respect for diversity.

Mosaic Initiative

The Mosaic Initiative promotes respect for diversity through programs, events and activities.  It focuses on fostering interfaith dialogue and action.