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In today's climate of political division, civil unrest, and the perpetual sense of uncertainty that a global pandemic brings, there are many who seek to sow fear, discord, and division. Meanwhile, we know that there are countless individuals working hard to inspire just the opposite – fostering inclusion, understanding, and collaboration in communities. We see leaders all over the country empowering others and building bridges with people of other faiths and origins in order to build a more inclusive American social fabric.


Now more than ever, the stories and insights of inclusive community leaders need to be heard, and their achievements in advancing social justice should be celebrated. At the El-Hibri Foundation, we work to amplify and support the voices, vision, and efforts of outstanding community builders who promote inclusion in all forms, foster collaboration across difference, and demonstrate leadership by building the capacity of others to make positive social change.

Learn More About The Awards

Peace Awards

The El-Hibri Foundation is proud to offer three annual Peace Awards to dedicated and deserving community leaders in the following categories: 

Each year, we seek nominations for community leaders who promote inclusion and collaboration across difference in their communities. Award winners have been recognized at our annual Peace Awards Ceremony in Washington, DC. This year, we are excited to bring our ceremony to Dearborn, MI, in the fall. Learn more about past award recipients.

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